Craft Room Organization Hacks for All the Crazy Craft Ladies!

Craft Room organization, tips, tricks and hacks to keep you supplies in order and clutter free!

Tips for organizing your craft room and supplies

Some women may have issues with the amount of shoes they buy, maybe purses, but for me, it’s craft supplies! I spend more money at the craft store each month than I’m willing to share, and after a while, all that supplies can cause a big clutter! Here are a few of my favorite hacks I’m planning on trying in the near future.

Genius ways to organize your craft room!

Any hack that comes from recycled materials is a win in my book! This could work for just about any type of ribbon! Photo via Family Hand Man. 

Store small paint bottles using velcro!

Absolutely GENIUS! And this could apply to so many other craft items too! Photo via Kattiz Scraps

How to store extra fabric in your craft room!

I actually use a hanger JUST like this one for my holiday themed table runners when not in use, but I’d never thought to use it for extra fabric! It would help minimize the creases from excess folding as well! You can find this hanger on Amazon here.  Photo via House for Five

That same nifty hanger can work for spools of ribbon as well! I’m thinking this could be a solution for vinyl storage as well? Photo source unknown (please email me if you know so I can give credit!)

I love how this hack makes everything visible… no searching for the perfect color! You can find this over the door storage item here on Amazon. Image via SewLux.

That amazing shoe storage hack doesn’t end with thread! There are so many options here! Photo via An American In Sicily.

So simple, yet so effective! Here’s a three pack of these baskets with the perfect sized holes! Source unknown.


Command hooks and a dowel rod! This could work for ribbon, thread and vinyl as well! Photo via Scattered Thoughts of a Craft Mom

No more searching in a drawer for your best scissors (I can’t be the only one who constantly finds themselves doing that?). You can find the magnet strip used in the photo here.  

PVC is such a great material for hacks! Get the full details on How Thrift Craft Girl made this here. 

How to organize your craft room using PEG BOARD!

The number one way to have an outrageously organized craft room… PEG BOARD! You can purchase the peg board at your local hardware store and spray paint it to you desired color! Here are some of the hanging baskets shown in the photo above!  Photo via a girl and her glue gun.

There you have it! From one crafter to another, may you space be as organized as possible!

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