The Best Online Sites for Inexpensive (Yet BEAUTIFUL) Home Decor!

The best websites for furnishing your home or apartment on a small budget


When we recently moved into our new home, I got a little carried away on Wayfair. Rugs, lamps, bar stools… I’ve got a whole lot of Wayfair here! I get compliments on everything and it has all been GREAT quality.  Browse their site here. 


Not only is Houzz a wonderful site to find inexpensive decor that is unique and high quality, it is also a great resource for all things decor. Their “Stories and Advice” Section is full of great tips and how-to’s. Browse their site here. 


While I can’t say much about all the things Etsy has to offer, I have really re-vamped my home with the prints various artists have to offer. Some are as little as $5 for an instant download! Add your new print into a frame and you’ve just given your walls a little face lift for little cash! Browse prints, art and more here. 

H & M Home

H&M Home Decor is amazing and an even more amazing price!

Their repuration for trendy clothes is definilty carried over to their home brand. It’s modern, it’s got character and it’s all very affordable! You can  view their collection here. 

Haute Look

Like many other site, Haute Look has limited time sales on a variety of items. Rug,s throws, furniture, art work and so much more. You just have to be sure to catch what you are looking for at the right time and get it before it is gone. Check what they are currently offering here. 


Hayneedles slogan is “online shopping for every room” and they aren’t kidding. Bed, bath, living, kitchen… they even have a pet section! Another phrase commonly seen on Hayneedle… Free Shipping! You can browse all of their amazing home items at


Are there any sites you love that you think should make the list? Comment below!

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