Halloween Kids Crafts that Double as Decor!

halloween kids crafts that make great home decor!
It won’t be too long now until the isles of your favorite stores start to get decked with signs of the upcoming seasons! Fall is around the corner and that means we’ll be gearing up for Halloween before we know it!

We’ve rounded up a collection of fun activities you can do with your kids that can proudly be displayed in your home as décor!

Be sure to click on any photos that strike your fancy to visit the blog to get the full instructions!

I love that these spider webs can be made with items you probably already have at home! Plus, if stored carefully, they could definitely be put up next year too!

How cute are these pumpkins?! They would look great on a tablescape or even front and center on the mantel!

These pumpkins could technically be filed under “dollar store crafts” too! What a difference a coat of paint makes!

I’ve rarely seen a melted crayon project I DON’T like! This is a great project if you are trying to brighten up your Halloween décor!

Ok so I know this one is pretty intricate, but for the kiddo who loves building things, how great would this be?

What a clever way to display just about any popsicle stick craft! A magnet on the back and hang it on your fridge!

If I was doing this craft with my daughter, I would pre-cut the ghosts and let her color them however she likes!

How fun would it be to light up your front walk way with these luminaries!

We can’t talk about any holiday crafts without including a hand print craft! To make is double as décor, place it in a nice frame to keep in safe over the years!

This one might take the cake as my favorite craft I have found so far! It doesn’t take advanced skill to do and it turns out looking great even if the lines aren’t perfect!

While your kiddo may need a little help cutting the bandana, they could easily tie the strips around the wreath. Plus- this doubles as a fine motor skill activity, right?!

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