Stained Glass Butterflies

Spring is officially here and we are loving it! I know it has been a much more difficult Winter than most of us have experienced in a while so we are really excited to start doing just about every Spring craft we can get our hands on!

These stained glass butterflies were such a simple activity for Emmy to do and she loves seeing her art work hang above the kitchen sink each day.

The great thing about this craft: you are not limited to butterflies! You could make just about any shape you can think of (as long as you can cut it out on the contact paper)!

To make these, we simply needed tissue paper, contact paper, scissors and pipe cleaners for the antennas.

I pre-cut the tissue paper and butterfly shape prior to sitting Emmy down for craft time.  I did a variety of colors and sizes, but tried to keep them somewhat big enough for her to easily grab.

Once the butterfly shape was filled with tissue paper, I placed a second piece of contact paper over the shape to seal in all the paper and to make it more sturdy.

Then I just re-cut out the butterfly shape, taped on the antennas and done!

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