How To Organize Your Kitchen Pantry Like a Pro

How to Organize your pantry, hacks, tips and free printables

Pantries have a reputation for being small, cluttered and just a hassle. As a mom of two, I’ll admit that I’ve opened my pantry a time or two and instantly felt overwhelmed by the sight of it. Luckily, there are a few REALLY great hacks that can save us a lot of space and a lot of time hunting for what we need! Here we go…

This is a great hack, but it doesn’t have to stop with cupcake holders! Small seasoning packets, tea bags, toothpicks, just about anything small can be stored in a container to help keep things tidy!

Lazy Susans can be a lifesaver when it comes to finding what you need in a deeper shelfed pantry. My mom uses these to keep her spices organized and it always made it so easy to find what you were looking for. You can find the one pictured above on Amazon here. While researching for the best Lazy Susan, I also found this version that has compartments. As the photo shows, it’s perfect for baby food pouches, granola bars and other small items that can quickly cause a clutter! It

If you need proof that this hack works wonders, check out all the comments on the Pin! So many people have uploaded photos to show their newly organized pantry using a magazine file and super sticky adhesive! You can find durable and reasonably priced magazine holders here.

Magazine holders can also help with storing your re-usable water bottles too!

All you need to make this hack happen is command hooks and sandwich bags that have small holes in the handles! Photo from

If you don’t have the wall space to make this hack happen, you can simply use a pants hanger to close and hang your chip bags!

One of the most impactful ways you can organize your pantry (and make it really pretty!) is to use storage containers and labels.

When you use storage containers (from a set), things just fit together much better on the shelf. Plus, if you purchase high quality ones with an air tight seal, your food will last longer too! Here’s a great set of 10 plastic food storage containers (BPA free)
Best plastic food stoage containers to create an organized pantry

If you prefer glass storage containers, I’d recommend these, as they have a date dial lid that can help you ensure you don’t keep food past it’s expiration date! Find them here.

For these gorgeous labels, be sure to visit Cyndys blog, The Creativity Exchange! She has a full tutorial here on how to make them!

Now, for all of those things that don’t fit in a storage container, consider using baskets. Again, it’s easier to pull out a basket and search through it than it is to dig down deep into the back of a shelf, hopelessly feeling around for whatever it is you are looking for.

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m REALLY obsessed with organization hacks. Here’s a great post on how to keep all those clothes, shoes and accessories organized in your closet!

Closet Hacks that will save you a ton of space and money!

Lastly, be sure to follow the “organization hacks” board on Pinterest! I’m adding to it daily!

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