Fall Popsicle Stick Craft


These little guys turned out WAY cuter than I was expecting! And what a fun way to spend some time with your favorite little one(s) this Fall! This craft is simple and quick and the best part is kids can really make it their own with all sorts of variations! There’s really no right and wrong way to add the features onto these Fall friends. Make sure you have sturdy glue to keep you popsicle sticks together. Elmers has always taken too long to dry. We have been using this for some time now instead. It’s quick dry and has a little more tack to it.

Start by gluing 8-10 popsicle sticks together, depended on the thickness of stick you have. Remove any extra globs of paint while still dry. Once dry, paint over with your desired color. While this is drying, start cutting out your eyes, noses, hats and hair! For the hair seen here, we simply cut small strips like shown below and crinkled it up.


Glue on all your features and that’s all!  Hope you enjoy!

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